PHOTOS: Isolated Fitness Fans Turn To Internet, Outdoors

A run along empty city streets. Pull-ups in an abandoned outdoor gym. Yoga, CrossFit and boot camp classes streamed online in home isolation.

Fitness enthusiasts stuck inside to combat the spread of the coronavirus are finding ways to stay active, even with their normal gyms and classes shut down.

While governments have told people to stay home, many gym rats aren’t letting their hard work slip away, even if they’re in places under lockdown. They’re taking their favorite classes virtually as many studios post them online for free or sampling something they’ve never tried before.

And in a time with so many fitness choices — barre, spin, HIIT, boxing — many are returning to the original gym: the outdoors.

Runs and walks in nature are allowed, even encouraged, as a way to get fresh air, some exercise and combat the stay-at-home blues.