Dry, Cooler Start to Weekend

The rain makes a strong return by Sunday.

After a line of strong storms prompted a few warnings last night across the Carolinas, much cooler, stabler air settles in for the first half of the weekend. The cooldown starts tonight, as temperatures drop down into the 40s in the Piedmont and 30s in the High Country. Expect plentiful sunshine for your Friday, although temperatures will struggle to crack 60º in the Charlotte area. With the dry air settling in paired with gusty winds, an increased fire hazard will stick around through Saturday. Heavy rain moves through for the second half of the weekend, which could total over 2″ in under 24 hours for some.


Friday: Mostly sunny. Gusty. High: 63°. Wind: NW 10-15. Gusts: 20-25.

Friday Night: Clear and chilly. Low: 37°. Wind: Light.

Saturday: Nice. High: 69°. Wind: Light.