Charlotte Water Advises Clearing Water Lines In Unoccupied Buildings

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Charlotte Water is advising building managers and owners to clear the water lines in unoccupied properties.

According to Charlotte Water, stagnant water in building pipes can become unhealthy as chlorine, a disinfectant added in the treatment process, dissipates over time.

Officials say cleaning the water lines, or flushing, can be done by running the tap water for an extended period in the building. This process will clear the stagnant water when reactivating plumbing systems that haven’t been used while the shelter in place order has been in effect.

Charlotte Water say the buildings that are most likely to be affected by this include, but are not limited to:

*   Schools
*   Daycare Facilities
*   Healthcare facilities such as Dentist Offices, Optometrist Offices, etc.
*   Commercial buildings
*   Hotels
*   Malls
*   Office buildings
*   Movie theaters
*   Entertainment facilities
*   Gyms

In addition, Charlotte Water advises building managers or owners to consider clearing the water lines to ensure the water in the building is safe as well as taste and odor free before resumption of normal water use, in accordance with state regulators.

Starting with fixtures closest to the water source, all points of use should be inspected to make sure thew water is taste and odor free, before safely resuming water use.  These could include:

*   Toilets
*   Sinks
*   Showerheads
*   Water fountains
*   Ice machines
*   Water heaters
*   Water features
*   Hot tubs

For more information and guidelines on reactivating plumbing systems, click HERE.