Quarantine Olympics: A Local Family’s Creative Competition Goes Viral

CHARLOTTE, NC.– Let’s be honest, being cooped up with family for weeks can can be a lot.

“When you’re locked up with these people long enough, you start to go crazy. Just started thinking of like different games you can play around the house.” says Alex Presley.

The Presley family is hunkering down at their home in Cornelius. After running through card and board games, Alex Presley got creative. Taking his family’s talents to Tik Tok, doing made up challenges using random household items.

“First video we did was the straw challenge. We woke up the next morning and it already had like 5 million views. So that first one blew it up. We have people already commenting, team Alex or team Lee.”

Their videos getting millions of views, hundreds of thousands of likes. With ice cube challenges, toilet paper toss, phone call challenge and many more.

“We have a lot of fun, there’s a lot of prep work before. But doing them, we laugh and we have a lot of fun. And a lot of cleanup work after,” says Wendy Presley.

The Presley family, using quarantine to make memories.

“So maybe we can look back on this in years and say, don’t you remember when we were all quarantined and how much fun we had playing these games.”

They make a new video every night at 10pm. Watch here.