UNC Charlotte Pushes Fall Semester Start Date By Two Weeks

CHARLOTTE, NC – UNC Charlotte will delay the start of the fall semester by two weeks, the Chancellor announced on Monday. 

Classes will now begin on September 7th, compared to the previous August 24th start date. 

“We think it’s going to give us a little bit of space to make sure the students come back in the best possible environment,” said Chancellor Philip Dubois. 

He sent the official announcement to students and staff today. 

“The students are going to have a lot of issues to deal with in the fall. Not only the normal kinds of issues associated with coming onto a college campus,” said Dubois during an interview last week. 

Dubois says they’ll need to educate students about social distancing standards and guidelines. School staff are still working on an academic calendar, as well as options for how classes will be delivered. 

“Absent a vaccine everyone is going to have to live differently, especially these young people,” said Dubois. 

The delay pushes the start date past the Republican National Convention, which is still scheduled to be held in Charlotte in late August. 

Further changes and guidelines are possible as the summer months continue. 

“We’re going to get them back here, but we’re going to have some rules,” said Dubois. 

Sharon Gaber, the current president of the University of Toledo will take over for Dubois in June.