Retailers Across North Carolina Are Preparing For Phase 1 Of Reopening

CHARLOTTE, NC. — Girl Tribe was the first retailer to close its doors in Charlotte about seven weeks ago. Starting Friday, the boutique is allowed to open with 50% capacity.

“We will not be one of the first people to reopen. I can guarantee that. I want to see what other people are doing and I want to be really smart about it,” says co-founder of Girl Tribe Sarah Baucom.

Baucom says over the past few weeks, they’ve been asking customers on social media what would make them feel comfortable shopping in-store.

“We have been working really, really hard on gathering as much information as we can. It doesn’t only apply to our own industry, but also across industries like obviously grocery stores and pharmacies have kind of been through this before us.”

Andy Ellen is the president of the North Carolina Retail Merchants Association. He says here’s what you can expect:

“Social distancing, you’ll see marks on the floor that delegate 6-foot increments so people space themselves. I think you’ll see signage and reminders to customers to give other customer space,” says Ellen.

Ellen says they’ve formed a committee to help guide retailers to move into Phase 1.

“To think through things on, how are you going to make sure when your employees show up that they are healthy? That they’ve not been exposed. What are you going to do with your dressing rooms? What are you going to do with your returns? Just things to think through to make sure, again, that they’ve gone through things on the front end rather than the back end”