Charlotte Women Making Wedding Planning Less Stressful During Coronavirus

CHARLOTTE, NC. — Coronavirus is putting a pause on weddings across the country. After postponing five weddings already, wedding planner and owner of SoHo Event Design and Planning Sarah Cook got an idea to help other brides.

“What I do is I work with the clients and their venue to find those available dates whether it’s later in the year or next year or however far out they are willing to move. Then coordinate with all of their vendors to determine if those dates are available with them,” says Cook.

Cook does all the logistical rescheduling to help take away the stress. Her advice for brides: Postpone, don’t cancel.

“There are so many vendors that are depending on these clients to stay in business. So if you cancel that then they’re kind of left in a lurch.”

For people who don’t want to wait, there’s eloping and micro-weddings. Charity Parrish owns Elopement Co. She says she’s seen an increase of couples looking for alternatives.

“We’re getting quite a bit of those clients who are coming saying my traditional wedding isn’t going to happen, what can we do, how can we make this happen, what can we do,” says Parrish.

She’s expecting even more clients, regardless of restrictions being lifted.