A Popular NoDa Bar Targeted Twice By Suspects Stealing Thousands Of Dollars Worth Of Goods

While the business is closed by the pandemic.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. —  Surveillance video shows an SUV pulling up to Hattie’s Tap & Tavern on the Plaza around 5am on Tuesday.

You see a man get out, and  direct the driver to back up to a  walk-in cooler. Owner Jackie DeLoach says what you don’t see, the perps ripping  off the gate, drilling through a lock to the cooler, then using a crowbar to break a second lock to the door handle.

“They took a couple kegs. A lot of our domestic, we had it stacked almost to the ceiling. Then we had a bunch of craft beer,” says DeLoach.

Later, a man takes what appears to be a large rock, smashes it into the front door of the bar. DeLoach says that’s when an alarm went off, and the perp left.

“Between all the damage that they did, the doors that I had to replace and everything it’s looking around $7,000 worth of damage and goods that were stolen.”

Someone also targeted the bar at the end of March.

“We had somebody break-in. They jumped over a fence, broke into our shed outside. Took a bunch of lawn equipment. All of our toilet paper and paper towels.”

The bar owner says they were already struggling because of coronavirus.

“This isn’t going to stop me. I love my staff and my friends and the customers.”