Two Charlotte Small Businesses Owners Are Giving Back Despite Struggling During The Coronavirus Crisis

CHARLOTTE, NC. — The owner of Po Boy’s Low Country Seafood Market put it best. Keeping a restaurant afloat during the coronavirus:

“It hasn’t been easy. We prepared for the worst,” says owner John Demestihas.

Willis Draughe Jr. has a similar story.  Closing the doors of his two barbershops in the west Charlotte area.

“You look around and see nobody in the shop. That was eye-opening for me,” says Draughe.

Draughe and Demestihas have been friends for years.

“I spoke with John and I said, John, I see something that we can dive in and help out and he said man of course.”

That help, feeding those who need it most right now. The two of them making meals for children at Charlotte Movement School. Along with more than 200 meals for the homeless at Charlotte Rescue Mission every Tuesday for the past three weeks.

“If everybody did a little bit, nobody would have to do a lot. That’s just the mind frame we’ve taken. No matter how little it is,” says Demestihas.

Draughe delivers the food. Now, people are dropping off money to help pay for the food. the word, getting out on social media and by word of mouth.

“It’s gratifying in that sense to see every walk of life come through here trying to help alongside of it.”