Virtual Art Gallery: Elizabeth Palmisano

About the artist:

Elizabeth Palmisano’s work and voluntary service with youth, trauma survivors, and the under-served taps into the power of art, mindfulness, and experiential learning. Within these portals of discovery, connection, and expression, Elizabeth invites others to “try on” a new perspective. Her approach to teaching, training, art, work, and play revolve around allowance and space.

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As a boundary-pushing fiber artist, Elizabeth combines abstract painted surfaces with textiles and collage, creating rich, multilayered compositions. Experimentation, exploration, and play are key to her creative process.  Each piece serves as a visual prayer, an affirmation, an intention.

At its core, her message is clear: let all work be rooted in empathy, compassion, forgiveness, and love. May it promote healing. Acknowledging human limitations, let us strive to see ourselves and others with unconditional positive regard. This is the power of Palmisano’s presentations, curriculums, and workshops.

Her work is in private and public collections and has been exhibited at galleries and museums such as The Mint Museum, The McColl Center for Art & Innovation, and Bliss Gallery. The totality of her work is through the lens and light of honor, compassion, and possibility, and this is the space she invites you into.


Facebook & Instagram: @ellafaeart


Elizabeth is currently working on her #The100DayProject by creating #100DaysOfWishes.  The works are similar to her Invocations which are in the gallery above.  Each wish is created with the artist’s handmade paper and fibers from upcycled materials.


Submit your wishes to Elizabeth by July 15th

Elizabeth says,

“Due to COVID-19, I can’t invite the community into my studio to create and make art together.  To make work, I need to work collaboratively, that’s just my process, so I am asking my community to collaborate with me in a new and different way.

I want to do something that makes me feel good in my spirit, and it is my hope that participating will have the same effect for others.  It is my wish to sew joy and hope during this challenging time.  I thank you for your trust and support, I literally do not have words for the gratitude I feel deep in my heart right now.

Whenever we are in agreement together, it gives power to the things we want to call into our lives.  I invite you to entrust me with a wish of yours. I will then create a physical “Wish” to honor your ask, meditating on your wish as I create. For me, it’s very powerful when someone co-signs my wishes. “

How it works:

  • Send your wish to Elizabeth via email at or DM her on social media @ellafaeart. Your wish will be kept confidential with full anonymity.
  • Elizabeth will co-sign it, just as another human being in agreeance
  • Elizabeth creates a “Wish” to represent the wish you are agreeing to ask for together
  • After 100 days, there will be 100 Wishes
  • People who sign up to become Wishkeepers, will receive their adopted “Wish” to shelter and honor in their home.

If you want to sign up to be a Wishkeeper and adopt a “Wish,” there is an adoption fee of $55.

This fee indicates that:

  • You take this sacred role seriously
  • You are committing to take care of this sweet wish
  • You agree to co-sign all 100 wishes with Elizabeth
  • You understand that Elizabeth will hand select your “Wish” specifically for you based on what feels right.

The Art Of Accepting: 21 Invocations To Live A Life Of Peace And Abundance

Elizabeth also just published for first book: The Art Of Accepting: 21 Invocations To Live A Life Of Peace And Abundance

Elizabeth says,

“This book is not about claiming your truth, it’s about creating the truth you want to have.  When you invoke it into your life, you invoke it into the world so others can experience it.  There is no authority higher than your inner voice.”

Book Cover Teaser 1

The Art Of Accepting: 21 Invocations To Live A Life Of Peace And Abundance

The book is now available for pre-order.


Invocations represent the wishes we whisper under our breath—hoping that a power greater than ourselves may whisk them into existence. They are the dandelion seeds just before we blow, the candle, right before our breath, but after the whispered wish…they are the hope against the odds… they are me and they are you at the height of our optimism.

Invocation No. 22

Invocation No. 22
Artist-made paper mounted above hand painted textile background, 11x11x2″ $264
Link to purchase:

Invocation No. 22, No. 33, and No. 66 are still available to purchase.  Click HERE for more details.

Soulfire Series:

Each piece’s name sake is an intention set.

I sew magic
I reap radiance
I cultivate presence
I pierce darkness
I mentor growth
I sprout joy
I root deeply
I magnify grace

And so do you.
Let us not ever forget it.

Cultivate Presence

Cultivate Presence
Botanical prints incorporating upcycled fibers in custom, reclaimed poplar frame, 19×11″

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