One Of The First Coronavirus Patients In Mecklenburg County Has Recovered And Is Giving Back

CHARLOTTE, NC.– The coronavirus taking away so much from so many. Brandi Rabon missed out on celebrating her daughter’s 16th birthday.

“That was really hard as a mom not to be able to hug your kid. It’s such a milestone birthday,” says Rabon.

The healthy 45-year-old became ill on March 28th. Waking up with an excruciating headache, nausea, and later a fever. Finding out a week later from the county health department she had tested positive for COVID-19, having been exposed at church.

She’s one of the first 50 patients in Mecklenburg county. Managing her symptoms at home.

“For the most part, I was just by myself. It was emotional at times I think when you feel that poorly for that many days in a row, I did have episodes of crying or being upset.”

Rabon, who works in the medical field, knew she wanted to help others suffering from the virus. She decided to donate plasma at OneBlood.

“The antibodies in the plasma from the recovered patient may help the patient who remains sick fight off COVID-19 infection,” says Dr. Christopher Polk.

Dr. Polk is an infectious disease physician with Atrium Health. He says they’re treating critically ill coronavirus patients with plasma transfusions. He encourages others who have recovered to donate.

“Plasma donation is an easy way that people can help that might save someone’s life.”