A Restaurant In Uptown Charlotte Will Use Thermal Technology To Keep Customers Safe When They Reopen

CHARLOTTE, NC. — Sean Kim planned to open the second location of MOA Korean BBQ and Bar on South Tryon Street in April. But the pandemic stopped that.

“I was frustrated when it first happened,” says Kim.

With North Carolina expected to enter phase two of reopening as soon as this weekend, Kim wanted to be prepared.

“My first thought was what if my kids went to a restaurant without any protection. I’ll be really concerned.”

After doing some research, Kim bought a Fotric thermal camera for his uptown location and Columbia location. There will be a monitor behind the hostess stand.

Here’s how it works:

“Camera aims towards the people’s face. As you walk in, above your head it shows the temperature.”

The camera can see up to eight people at a time. It takes their photos and documents their temperature to help with tracing if needed. If you have a fever you’ll hear an alarm.

“We like to find a way to survive and we like to find a better way to serve customers.”

A Fotric representative says demand for the thermal camera has gone up 100%. They have customers around the world.

Despite his investment, Kim says his restaurants are staying closed for now.

“Better just wait two or three more weeks and see what the results of the re-opening.”

Kim says when his restaurants do open, they’ll also have a handheld thermometer as a backup. He’s working with an attorney to figure out any privacy issues.