Local Nurse Is Helping The Homeless

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A lot of people are struggling right now because of the pandemic. A local nursing assistant is giving back. Charlotte resident Samantha Loveless decided to go for a drive through uptown recently. When she noticed homeless people on the side of the road, she stopped her car.

“​It broke my heart, it made me want to do more​,​”​ Loveless said.

Loveless and her family went back and passed out toiletries and water bottles. Loveless and her family have an idea of what else they can do to help out this summer.

“​We were thinking about the 4th ​Of ​July​, setting up a grill and barbecuing some hot dogs and hamburgers and just spending time with them​,” Loveless said.

If you would like to help Loveless give back, you can e-mail her at sloveless155@gmail.com​. She said she is happy to pick up and distribute donations.