Storms Continue Through Workweek, Clearer Weekend

One last round of heavy storms will move through Friday night.

After a week filled with doom and gloom, we’re finally seeing some light at the end of the tunnel. Many communities in the WCCB Charlotte viewing area have seen roughly as much rain in the past four days as they usually see for the entire month of May, and another round of rain will likely fall before we get into the weekend. Some heavy storms, possibly severe at times, will move through the western Carolinas Friday evening before we eventually clear out and warm up in a big way by the weekend. Highs should return to the mid-80s for both Saturday and Sunday with only isolated chances for storms.

Tonight: Variable clouds. Few storms. Low: 58°. Wind: N 5-10.

Friday: Some sun. PM heavy storms. High: 77°. Wind: SW 5-10.

Friday Night: Heavy storms. Some could be severe. Low: 61°. Wind: Light.

Saturday: Mostly sunny. PM iso. storms. High: 84°. Wind: W 5-10.