Some Gym Owners Say The News Of Phase Two Came As A Big Blow

CHARLOTTE, NC. — Since North Carolina is still seeing an increase in cases of coronavirus, Governor Roy Cooper and health officials decided to keep gyms and fitness studios closed.

Some gym owners say the news came as a big blow.

Brandon Cullen is the co-founder of MADabolic gym in South End. He’s already been working to ensure physical distance and sanitizing guidelines.

“We were able to create a minimum of 8 to 12 feet of distance between every client and piece of machine or equipment. There’s no cross-contamination. We had disinfectant,” says Cullen.

Cullen doesn’t understand why gyms and fitness studios can’t reopen. He says by following CDC guidelines, a gym would be just as safe as a restaurant or grocery store.

“We control all the traffic patterns, we can actually create space. We always have. We can isolate every single piece of equipment and use and treat it.”

Cullen posted a video on Instagram last night. He was calling on other gym owners to start a coalition. He’s already received hundreds of emails.

“We are not looking to make some defiant stance. We are hoping to bring some logic and some light to the scenario. We really believe we can offer a safe product.”

Brit Turner owns Fitatelier on Camden road. She’s been preparing for weeks to reopen, and while she’s disappointed. She says she’s trusting the experts.

“I’m not an epidemiologist, I’m not a virologist. Governor Cooper and his team have these data points that they want to hit before we can safely reopen certain aspects of our economy and certain businesses,” says Turner.

Melissa Price, the owner of Burn Boot Camp in Mallard Creek and North Charlotte says, “The pandemic has impacted my business on a financial level in multiple ways. The loss of membership, the decrease in retail sales and the inability to grow the business.”

“I was disappointed for my staff who has worked extremely hard to prepare for the opening and I was disappointed for my members who were anxiously waiting for us to open.  I am confident that it is the right time for Burn Boot Camp franchises to open due to the fact that I know the protocol that has been put in place to protect my staff and my members. ” says Price.

Dr. Mandy Cohen says gyms are high risk because it’s an indoor activity in close proximity with others. Also,  there’s concern of spreading the virus with heavy breathing.

Photos from Burn Boot Camp: