Charlotte City Councilman Arrested During Local Protest Of George Floyd Death

The Latest:

The CMPD says 14 people were arrested in addition to Braxton Winston on Friday night.

According to police about 100 demonstrators began marching on Beatties Ford Road and the crowd grew to about 250 demonstrators.

Some of the protesters began to damage property and threaten the safety of officers and the community, according to police.

The Civil Emergency Unit was deployed, around 8;45 p.m., and used less-lethal riot control agents in an attempt to restore order.

At 11:20 p.m. officers responded to a commercial alarm at the Food Lion on Beatties Ford. Road Police say a firearm was discharged by a rioter while police were responding, but officers did not discharge their weapons and were able to de-escalate the situation. Lavar Sprinkle was identified as the suspect who fired the weapon, and was arrested.

Police say the individuals arrested were given multiple warnings to disperse.  Three officers were injured, a police bike and multiple police vehicles were damaged, and community businesses were damaged and broken into with merchandise being stolen.

The following is a list of the individuals arrested and their charges:

Lashonda Smith


Failing to Disperse

Resist/Delay/Obstruct a Public Officer

Jessica Warner


Failing to Disperse

Adam Griffith


Failing to Disperse

Cody Crabtree


Failing to Disperse

Assault on a Government Official

Zmontez Anderson


Carrying a Concealed Weapon

Resist/Delay/Obstruct a Public Officer

Braxton Winston


Failing to Disperse

Kristie Puckett


Failing to Disperse

Madeline Laughlin


Failing to Disperse

Katherine Cox


Failing to Disperse

Madison Hodrick


Failing to Disperse

Lavar Sprinkle


Felony Breaking and Entering

Larceny after Breaking and Entering

Failing to Disperse

Milan Johnson


Failing to Disperse

Patrick Alexander


Failing to Disperse

Damon Manual


Failing to Disperse

Rontravis Wilson


Possession of a Weapon of Mass Destruction

Failing to Disperse

Original Story:

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Charlotte City Council member Braxton Winston was one of several people arrested during the protest of the death of George Floyd on Beatties Ford Road Friday night.

Winston was arrested and charged with Failure to Disperse on Order.  The CMPD says several people were also arrested for damaging property.