Cleanup Is Underway After People Vandalized Dozens Of Buildings And Businesses In Uptown Over The Weekend

CHARLOTTE, NC. — Surveillance video shows someone kicking in the door of Epic Times Watches and Jewelry in the Epicentre at around 2am on Sunday. It happened during protests in uptown for George Floyd. You see several thieves sprint inside, smashing cases, grabbing whatever they can.

Owner James Mack watched the it all on his phone through the security system. He says between damage and merchandise, he’s lost $20,000.

“It’s heartbreaking. It’s heartbreaking. We work so hard in this location to attract customers, new customer base and even out the playing field. To witness things like that is disheartening,” says Mack.

Mack feels the thieves took away from the message of the protests.

“Those individuals use that particular opportunity, with signs in their hands, to do that. That is injustice, that’s not justice.”

Mack even put out “Black Owned Business” signs.

“In hopes that if this was truly a protest about injustice, OK let’s pause keep it moving. Obviously, for whatever reason that was not the case.”

Other businesses boarding up shattered windows Monday. Like the King’s Kitchen, owned by Jim Noble. He donates 100% of profits to feed the poor.

Also in uptown, Wells Fargo, Chiptole, 5 Church Charlotte and a 7-Eleven were also damaged.

Meanwhile, Mack’s message to the thieves is still one of love.

“Let’s continue to support one another. That’s the most important thing. Love heals all.”