Heal Charlotte Founder Working To Channel Passion Into Action

CHARLOTTE , NC – Keeping the focus on the right fight. That’s the goal of community activist Greg Jackson, a vocal leader during the current protests in Charlotte.

He is the founder and executive director of Heal Charlotte. A non-profit started following the deadly police shooting of Keith Scott. He says he’s pushing for systemic changes on a daily basis.

“We want the murder of black people to end. But we also want respect in our community,” said Jackson.

“Leadership. Something that we’re all lacking and we need. Leadership,” said Jackson when asked why he puts himself in the thick of the protests.

He says people are upset with not only police brutality, but systemic inequality and barriers to opportunity throughout many industries including, education, financial, and housing.

“We want black ownership of our land, of our housing. We just want equal opportunity in all sectors that control America,” said Jackson.

Jackson says the protests were ignited by the killing of George Floyd by a now former Minneapolis police officer, and that the focus of the outrage has many layers.

“One thing the protest does do, one thing the uprise does do, is bring awareness to everyone,” said Jackson.

As protests continue throughout Charlotte and the country, Jackson says the energy needs to be funneled into actionable and productive ways of making a change.

“It’s warranted passion. It’s warranted fire. They have the right to feel like that, but we have a responsibility as leaders in the community to point them in the right direction,” said Jackson.