RNC Organizers Plan to Visit Alternative Host Cities

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Organizers of the Republican National Convention say they will begin visiting alternative host cities.

It comes as Governor Roy Cooper says he can’t guarantee a full-scale convention in Charlotte this August.

One day before a deadline set by the RNC, Cooper made it clear where he stands.

“We’ve continued to say we want to talk to you about a scaled-down convention, but we cannot guarantee you that at the end of August you can have a full arena,” Cooper said during a news conference on Tuesday.

Now the RNC chairwoman says they plan to visit other cities and states that have reached out about hosting the convention.

But the Governor says it’s up to the RNC to submit a plan with specifics on how they want to safely host the convention.

“What kind of social distancing are they going to put in place, are they going to require face masks?” Cooper asked during the news conference.

Meantime, a group of local lawmakers are speaking out, trying to keep the convention here.

“This wallet is neither Democrat or Republican. This represents green,” said U.S. Rep. Ralph Norman during a news conference outside the Spectrum Center on Tuesday.

He and others, including Rep. Dan Bishop are among those calling for the two sides to come together.

“We have the opportunity to make that work in Charlotte. Charlotte is the type of place that can make that work,” Bishop said.

Cooper said he spoke with President Trump on Friday night, asking him to follow guidance from the CDC and the president’s own Coronavirus task force.

“He said that he wanted to have a full arena, just as the RNC is saying right now,” Cooper said.