Thousands March In Uptown Charlotte For Justice And Change In George Floyd Protest

CHARLOTTE— In the largest march of the week, thousands of people took over Uptown Charlotte to stand for justice and push for change following the killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer.

Protestors told the crowd it’s not enough for officers who kill to get charged and arrested.  They must be convicted.

Charlotte’s NAACP organized the march.  People held signs and made their voices heard as they circled Uptown’s streets.

“I’m not here to expendable.  George Floyd is not expendable.  Brianna Taylor is not expendable.  Ahmaud Aubrey is not expendable. Tamir Rice is not expendable.  Even Mark Scott is not expendable,” said one protestor.

Organizers encouraged the crowd to vote.  They said it’s the only way to see real change.