Two Families, Who Lost Their Loved Ones At The Hands Of CMPD, Reacting to the Death of George Floyd And Protests

CHARLOTTE, NC. — Nearly six years before George Floyd’s death at the hands of a Minneapolis Police Officer,  Jonathan Ferrell was killed here in Charlotte.

“Me personally, it’s like watching my brother’s death all over,” says Jonathan’s brother, Willie.

Jonathan, just 24, when a CMPD officer shot him 10 times on September 14th,  2013.

“When I saw the George Floyd thing it brought back a lot of memories. A lot of hurtful memories, a lot of memories that I felt like I needed just so I could help to push forward with the rest of the black community,” Willie says.

Willie Ferrell now lives in Florida. He tells WCCB he has participated in peaceful protests in Tallahassee.

“From a personal place speaking, if Jonathan is not here to represent himself, I’m the one who has to represent Jonathan. The other black people protesting have to represent Jonathan, have to represent George Floyd.”

Willie says Jonathan would have been proud of those protesting and fighting for justice.

“I live, I am my brother. I do everything in my possible reach to do the right thing and try to do everything great. Because I know my brother would be extremely proud of me and extremely happy with, like I said, everything that’s going on.”

Danquirs Franklin, another black man shot and killed by a CMPD officer. It happened in March 2019 at the Burger King on Beatties Ford Road.

His cousin reacted on social media to Friday’s protest in west Charlotte. On the same street where his cousin died.

He Tweeted: “My hope from this collective unrest is that a few people will stick around past the news cycle, standing with the family.