Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Enhancing Their Neglect Of Duty Policy

CHARLOTTE, NC. — Thousands of community members have protested police brutality in the streets of uptown since Friday. Charlotte’s top cop announcing changes to the policy dealing with ‘neglect of duty.’

“So that we can be preventive in situations like we saw recently with the murder of Mr. George Floyd,” says CMPD Chief Kerr Putney.

The added language now states:
Officers will take appropriate and immediate action in any situation in which they know or should have known their failure to act would result in an excessive response to resistance or egregious behavior which shocks the conscience.

“We wanted to specify specifically what we want our people to do to prevent the loss of life.”

The Citizens Review Board and Robert Dawkins with Safe Coalition have been pushing for a stronger neglect of duty policy for about a year.

“We hear exactly what is being presented to us over the course of that time. And we’ve acted upon on it.”

Tonya Jameson is the acting chair of the CRB. She says the new language doesn’t have the teeth that the board intended to deescalate encounters. Jameson says it’s vague and makes it sound as if officers should only intervene if they witness something as tragic as the killing of George Floyd.

“We are not adversarial to the police department. We wanna work in concert with the police department and the community to make the changes that we need. That the community is going to feel safe in the community is going to feel trust. And the police department is going to feel like the community hears them and understands their frustrations and concerns too,” says Jameson.