There’s Another Push To Reallocate Money In The City Budget For Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police To Other Services

CHARLOTTE, NC. — There’s another push to reallocate money in the city budget for Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police to other services. City Council approved the $2.55 billion budget for the next fiscal year on Monday.

Justin Perry is a therapist and a partner at Charlotte for Black Futures. He says city leaders need to put their money where their mouth is, by reallocating money in the  budget.

“One of the things I’ve said to somebody who’s a parent is, what our budget looks like is me as a parent deciding I’m not going to feed my kids, not going to give them stable housing, not worried about them sleeping well. But then spend a bunch of time spanking them and putting them in time out when they act out,” says Perry.

In the FY 2021 budget, CMPD is getting 40.4% or $290.2 million.  Housing and neighborhood services gets: 2.8%. Economic development: 0.9%.

Perry says the budget does not address the root causes of crime. He says most of our crime, is related to drugs.

“If we really want to attack this issue, we have to do it in a holistic way. I’ve got to figure out how to help people get stable housing, I’ve got to help people figure out how to have stable jobs that pay a living wage.”

Council voted to ban CMPD from buying chemical agents in the next fiscal year. It comes after cell phone video showed peaceful protesters boxed in and gassed on fourth street last week. Perry says it’s a start.

“What came out of that was saying that, OK maybe we need to stop doing business as usual. Maybe we actually need to start responding to the will of the people.”