Justin Carr’s Mother Opens Up About Her Son And The Civil Justice Movement Happening Across The Country

CHARLOTTE, NC. — Vivian Carr wants her grandson to know his dad was fighting for justice and equality when he was murdered. She gets emotional, telling WCCB Charlotte’s Alexandra Elich how she often takes the 3-year-old to his father’s grave.

“He likes to show his dad he can play football. Things like that,” says Vivian Carr.

Her 26-year-old son, Justin Car was shot and killed outside the Omni Hotel. While protesting after the officer-involved shooting of Keith Scott in September of 2016.

Vivian wishes Justin were here to see the movement happening now. Thousands protesting for the same things he fought for, even saying his name. She says although it’s a painful reminder, she was inspired to join a protest last Wednesday.

“I just wanted to feel what he felt and when I went down there I did it. Because it was peaceful and nice and it was good to see everybody come together.”

Charlotte Council voted Monday to ban CMPD from buying chemical agents in the next fiscal year. It comes after cell phone video showed peaceful protesters boxed in and gassed on Fourth Street last Tuesday. Vivian saw the video.

“I was really hurt, upset by it. Because I think if they hadn’t of did the tear gas and explosion or whatever they did before my son was killed, that it would’ve never happened. I think that caused the crowd to get chaotic and stir things up.”