World War II Memorial Vandalized

CHARLOTTE, NC — Crews have cleaned up a World War II monument, vandalized in east Charlotte. The incident happened between Sunday night and Monday morning at the Evergreen Cemetery off Central Avenue.

Someone used paint to cover the names of more than 500 Mecklenburg County residents who died in the war. They also painted the hammer and sickle symbol of communism on the memorial.

We talked to one Charlotte resident who says he had to do something after seeing the images on social media.

“I care about my neighbors, and I care about my neighborhood. And I want to be out here, and I want to help clean up this,” said east Charlotte resident Kyle Kirby. “And I want to make sure that the important messages of racism, and police violence in this country are not overlooked, because somebody wants to take advantage of what’s going on in our country.”

If you know anything that can help police find the person or people responsible, call Crime Stoppers.