Family Of The Victims Killed During A Block Party In West Charlotte Are Speaking Out

CHARLOTTE, NC. —  Dozens of gunshots, over 100 rounds, into a crowd of about 400 people on Beatties Ford Road. Three lives were lost. 29-year-old Kelly Miller, 28-year-old Christopher Gleaton and 39-year-old Jamaa Cassell.

Cassell was a father of seven.

“At which two he was raising on his own. A single dad of two. He had just finished truck driving school about two weeks ago,” says Cassell’s cousin Shakenna Billings.

Billings talked to Jamaa almost every day.

“For me, it was the worst feeling in the world.”

Kelly Miller’s sister tells WCCB she was an aspiring singer.  Also saying Miller loved her family, friends and music.

Christoper Gleaton was known as CJ. His cousin says he found out CJ died from a friend.

“She actually showed me a picture. She was like do you know this guy? I just stared at the picture. I’m like, that’s my cousin,” Antonio Gleaton says.

Antonio says the family is dealing with the senseless killing the best they can.

“It’s so amazing that life is so short. It can be taken from you so quick. I mean he was enjoying his life, he was a good guy, well respected.”

Six other people were shot. Five others were hit by cars.

If you have information about this, call Crime Stoppers at (704) 334-1600. You don’t have to give your name.