Coronavirus Latest: Lt. Gov’s Lawsuit; Business Struggles

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Governor Roy Cooper is set to face another legal challenge over business shutdowns due to COVID-19.

It comes despite a growing number of cases across the state.

“I just kind of had to swallow my pride and say, ‘yeah, go ahead and do it,'” explains Abari Game Bar owner Zach Pulliam.

He reluctantly let his friend start a GoFundMe page to raise money to help keep his business open.

“My landlords don’t know what to expect. They’ve been nice to give me a month’s rent abatement, but you know, when you’re closed for four months, one month is not, it’s great but still doesn’t help completely,” Pulliam says.

With Governor Cooper extending phase two of reopening, bar and gym owners are in a similar situation all across the state.

At the same time, the state continues to deal with a spike in cases.

Despite that, Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest is moving ahead with a plan to sue the Governor.

“This is the only option left on the table, as all others have been exhausted,” Forest said during a news conference on Monday morning.

Forest says his lawsuit doesn’t deal with the substance of the Governor’s executive orders.

“It specifically addresses his lack of authority under the Emergency Management Act, to shut down North Carolina, without the concurrence of the Council of State,” Forest said.

Back at Abari, Pulliam says he’s just frustrated by all the uncertainty.

“There’s no clear guidelines for businesses, there’s no clear end to when we’ll be able to go back to normal. It’s just a mess,” Pulliam says.

Governor Cooper’s campaign spokesperson is calling Forest’s action a “sham lawsuit.”

She says the suit shows Forest, “refuses to put the health and safety of North Carolinians first.”