Union County School Board Member Resigns Amid Complaints Over ‘Racially Insensitive’ Social Media Posts

UNION COUNTY — A Union County School Board Member has resigned after members of the community complained to the school board about what many called racist posts on his Facebook page.

People complained about racially insensitive memes found on Travis Kiker’s Facebook page.  And they sparked a firestorm of controversy in Union County.  Kiker resigned Monday.  Board Chair Melissa Merrell read his resignation letter to the public, and reacted to the posts.
“As an elected official we are held to a higher standard,” says Melissa Merrell, UCPS Board Chairperson.
Merrell says she was made aware of the posts last week.  But, if you take a closer look at one of Kiker’s posts, it appears Merrell liked it.
WCCB News asked her about it, and she responded.
“I have absolutely no recollection of responding to this post whatsoever.  It is possible I inadvertently hit this button while scrolling through my timeline.  I also acknowledge that during the same time, several of my financial and personal accounts were compromised.  Regardless, the messages expressed on this meme are inappropriate and insensitive,” says Melissa Merrell, UCPS Board Chairperson.
Merrell says the school system will form a citizens advisory committee on diversity.  We reached out to Kiker for comment, he has not responded.