The Snark: An Arresting Fiancé, Quaid & His Young Bride, Believing in Bedrock, Upgrading Windows, and Hitting the Lottery

Quarantine Edition of "The Snark Report with Derek James"... and it's still not the news!

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Not even a quarantine can stop Derek “The Snarkmaster!”

Thanks to 90 Day Fiancé Derek shows the crew just how much he missed them while he was on vacation, then we check in with 3-time arrestee Larissa and her poor blind date.

Wedding bells rang for 66 year old Dennis Quaid and his 27 year old bride…reception was held at K&W Cafeteria.

Just who takes those weird surveys? Not sure, but this one found that 4 in 10 Americans feel that humans and dinosaurs lived at the same time…in the same place.  Yabba, dabba, dooooo!

Using Windows 10?…there could be a new app for that.

A man in Michigan defied major odds with a lottery scratch off…and he did it, gently….gently.

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