New Details In The Three Scenarios CMS Board Members Are Considering For The Fall

CHARLOTTE, NC. — Planning a school year for 147,000 students during a pandemic is complicated. Just ask Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Board chair Elyse Dashew.

“I have gotten some passionate feedback from family saying just open up the schools, let everybody go back to school. I’ve had equally passionate feedback from parents saying, nobody should go back to school,” says Dashew.

CMS is planning for three different scenarios.

The first would have all students attend school with minimal physical distancing.

The second: 50% capacity with moderate physical distancing. Elementary, middle, and high school students would be divided into three groups. Rotating one week in school, and two weeks of remote learning. All freshman, sophomores, and juniors would learn remotely every Friday, with only seniors in school.

Dashew is concerned students won’t have the support they need learning remotely if their parents have to go back to work.

“Can employers offer flexibility as many have been doing for parents to work from home? If not, can we rapidly build up an army of community centers where students can get support, structure, tutoring.”

Carolyn McGrath is a working parent with two kids in CMS.

“After going through remote learning, as a working parent, remote working, really doesn’t work for most of us. Long term I just don’t think it works,” says McGrath.

The third option: remote learning with no students in facilities. It’s what 7th grade CMS teacher Melissa Easley is hoping for.

“If I have a third of my students and my colleagues each have a third of their students, and I go homesick, where is that third of students going to go? Because it shouldn’t go to my colleagues,” says Easley.

No matter what plan CMS picks, the district will give parents the option of remote learning.