The Snark: Checking Out a LaLa Land ‘Memwire,’ Packing Up the Cheese Stick, Enjoying a Little Fun with Nicole, and a Naked Man in a Sewer

Quarantine Edition of "The Snark Report with Derek James"... and it's still not the news!


Headed to LaLa Land this morning with the ladies of Married to Medicine: Los Angeles where we find everything is the same…and one lady even sends Derek into a bra spokesperson.

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way showcases cat lover, ‘Cheese Stick’ Tim is packing up Fluffy and heading to Columbia. 

Derek manages a dig at Nicole’s favorite team, the New  York Jets, thanks to the current pandemic.

In Minnesota it took a while to find a naked man in the sewer…just who volunteered for that job?

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