Edge On The Clock: “Broken Heart Syndrome” On The Rise During Pandemic

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – The stress of the pandemic is breaking people’s hearts. A small study found that “broken heart syndrome” is on the rise during the pandemic. That’s the common name for a stress-induced cardiomyopathy. It happens when heart muscles weaken leading to chest pains and shortness of breath. It’s triggered by stressful events – not blockages in the bloodstream.

Plus, NFL.com announcing big changes proposed for the game day experience because of the pandemic. The NFL Network reporting Thursday that under the proposal, teams will not be allowed within six feet of each other after games, and jersey exchanges between players will not be allowed.

And, moms and dads, it’s time to get your kids a dog. A new study shows that kids who grow up in dog-owning households are more socially and emotionally healthy.