Growing Frustrations For People Who Are Still Awaiting Unemployment Benefits In North Carolina

CHARLOTTE, NC. — There’s growing frustrations for people who are still awaiting unemployment benefits in North Carolina. More than 1.9 million claims have been filed in the state since mid-March.

Nashelly Moronta worked as a teaching assistant at the child development center at Calvary Church on Pineville-Matthews Road for about a year. She was laid off April 24th because of coronavirus.  She filed for unemployment benefits with the North Carolina Division of Employment Security. Almost 12 weeks later, still nothing.

“I’ve called every day, I’ve been disconnected many times. I’ve waited hours on the phone,” says Moronta.

Moronta says the customer call representatives were not helpful. Giving her conflicting information and making incorrect changes to her claim.

“I have my student loans to pay, I have a whole bunch of bills to pay. I’ve had to defer so many payments. It’s put myself back.”

She says a representative told her that her claim is in the green and that it’s being processed and had no other information.

WCCB took Moronta’s concerns to the Employment Security Commission. A spokesperson tells WCCB they have someone looking into her case.

“I’ve been trying to make sure that I don’t get dug into a hole, but it’s been really hard. I understand people say money doesn’t bring happiness. But in this case I would feel very happy tomorrow if I woke up and I had my money and I could do what I need to do.”

Thousands of claims are still being filed each day in North Carolina. More than 17,000 claims were filed just on Monday.

Nearly 801,000 people have been paid since mid-March.