As The Start Of The School Year Inches Closer, Parents Are Seeking Other Options

CHARLOTTE, NC.– Less than a day after CMS announced the district would go with Plan B plus remote learning, Southlake Christian Academy received 95 admissions inquiries and 33 applications. Head of school Matthew Kerlin says that number has been increasing.

“We’ve probably given a record number of tours and we’ve probably gotten a record number of applications in the last week or so,” says Kerlin.

The private school is offering in-person learning. The school is small with a student-teacher ratio of nine to one.  Kerlin says they’re able to easily physically distance in all the classrooms.

“We’re also able to operationally put our students into the capsules or they have very little integration with students in other grades. We’re able to kind of minimize the risks in a lot of ways that public schools may not be able to do.”

Kerlin says many dual working parents have been reaching out.

“They need someone to watch their kids and help them learn while they’re earning a living for their family. Then we have some families who just struggled with online learning last year. Either because they struggled themselves or because the schools they were at  a struggle to provide it.”

Aly Foster is the family placement manager for College Sitters, Nannies and Tutors Ballantyne. She says more parents are asking about micro-schooling.

“3 to 5 students, all within similar grade levels, where they are operating out of one mutual house with children that live in the same neighborhood, that go to the same school,” says Foster.

Foster says requests for micro-schooling have gone up nearly 70%.