Millions Of People Who Are Out Of Work Are About To Lose Much Needed Money

CHARLOTTE, NC. — Kerry Beck is one of the thousands of North Carolinians who have relied on benefits from the CARES Act. It gave a $600 dollar weekly boost to state unemployment benefits.  Beck was laid off in June after working for 23 years as a regional manager for a national parking and transportation company.

“It’s a shocker. Going from a six-figure salary. North Carolina pays, I think it averages out to $8.50 an hour,” says Beck.

Luckily, Beck recently negotiated a severance package that will hold him over for the rest of the year. For millions of other Americans, that’s not the case.

“It’s not enough for other families and I don’t know how they’re going to survive.”

From March 15th to July 30th, more than 1.2 million North Carolinians applied for unemployment benefits. More than 800,000 were paid. $6.6 billion in payments were issued.

Kimberly Justice was laid off from a small debt collection company in March. She received approval for unemployment benefits more than a month ago, but says she hasn’t seen a dime.

“Whenever I do get that card they did tell me I should expect the $600 a week federal payments from at least the back pay,” says Justice.

Justice says that money will help her survive, but worries what will happen when it runs out.

“It’s actually been really frustrating because I feel so helpless. Whenever I have a bill that I need to pay, and I know that I have the money it’s just that I have no way to touch it.”