Meck. County Health Director Says She Doesn’t Think We Are Ready To Move Into Phase 3

CHARLOTTE, NC.–  The COVID-19 positivity rate is now 8.9% in Mecklenburg County. Down from 9.6% the week before. Hospitalizations are also decreasing. WCCB asked county Health Director Gibbie Harris if she thinks we’re ready to move into phase 3 of reopening:

“I don’t think so. I think we’re starting to see our numbers go in the right direction. I’m fearful that if we open things up more right now we might see a bump back up,” says Harris.

Governor Roy Cooper’s extended phase 2 could end on Friday. Harris says she’d like to see numbers come down even more, and then stabilize. Despite more testing availability and testing turnaround rates decreasing, Harris says fewer people are getting tested.

“We actually had a woman come in for testing, drove and had a conversation with staff. Asked if she was positive, would we require her to quarantine or to isolate and we told her we would. She said, then I don’t want to know and she drove off.”

Harris says that mentality and the volume of people with COVID-19 in our area is making contact tracing challenging.

“I do think people are less likely to share their contacts with us because they don’t want their friends to have to stay home for 14 days or they are concerned about sharing contacts at work because it might affect their job.”