Local Family Scrambles To Prepare For Remote Learning Amidst CMS Confusion

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — One woman says the CMS systems indecisiveness on how to send kids back to school through this pandemic has thrown her family through a loop as they try to prepare their 8-year-old daughter for the school year.

Leanne Morgan says, “We already work with our daughter at home constantly. When this first started I went off of the CMS system because she wasn’t learning anything new, so I went on Khan Academy. Plus we have an open floor plan so there are too many distractions. When we finally found out they went to Plan C we converted our spare bedroom into a classroom.”

Home School Remote LearningMorgan says when the pandemic started shutting everything down in March, she feels as if CMS should have already been planning for every scenario for the upcoming school year.

“We as parents went in blind when this happened, CMS wasn’t ready and now we are going in blind again and CMS still doesn’t have a solid plan so again we are going in blind again,” says Leanne Morgan.

Morgan says she is lucky because her family has two sources of income, but since she works for a Catering company, she will have to find a 2nd-3rd shift job to make ends meet as she stays home with her daughter during the day.

Morgan says she will have to teach her daughter in the newly-converted workspace, and is buying her the supplies she thinks her daughter will need with no help from CMS.

Although Morgan says she knows safety comes first, she says kids her daughter’s age need structure and that there are a lot of special needs kids that parents can’t get the help their children needs too.

“This will affect our family big time. Also I have a great support system at home that many do not. My husband is going to take 2 days off a month to give me a break, but there are a lot of single parents and split families that don’t get that,” says Leanne Morgan.