North Carolina Commissioner Urges Everyone To Review Their Insurance Policies After Earthquake And Hurricane

RALEIGH, N.C. — North Carolina Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey says everyone should check with their insurance agent to see if their policies cover them from the effects of natural disasters, in light of the state’s latest earthquake and hurricane.

“Damage from earthquakes are generally not covered under most standard homeowners’ insurance policies,” Commissioner Causey noted. “However, homeowners can talk with their agents and easily add an earthquake endorsement to their policies. I also encourage consumers to get replacement coverage on both their homeowners’ and automobile insurance policies.”

Causey also urged North Carolinians to talk to their insurance providers about flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program, as damage from floods is not covered under standard homeowners’ policies, according to a news release.

Homeowners can protect the investment of their houses by making sure they have sufficient insurance coverage, and should talk with their agent annually says Causey.

Causey plans to visit Alleghany County on Monday to meet with local officials, insurance agents, and first responders. While there, he will look for damage caused by August 9th’s earthquake, according to a news release.