A Free Food Fridge In Uptown Vandalized

CHARLOTTE, NC. — A colorful, eye-catching refrigerator sat at East 7th street and North College in Uptown since July 13th. It’s part of Shamelle Jackson’s non-profit. The former homeless mother of four started Da Village Pop-up Shop three years ago. It provides food for anyone in need.

“You could be a single parent, you could be a veteran, and elderly. Anyone that’s in need of food, or clothing or hygiene items that’s who we cater to,” says Jackson.

Jackson checked the fridge on July 29th and found this:

“One day we pulled up the freezer was open, and somebody had turned down the cold pressure. So all the water and everything that was in it started to Melt and it started to leak out of the fridge.”

Jackson says the food started rotting, attracting ants. She says she does not believe a homeless person did this.

“I was upset. Because it’s something positive. It’s something that we’re doing, when I started all this it was my dollar. Now people are helping, but when you see your dream and your vision and someone is tampering with it it’s kind of disrespectful.”

Jackson posted what happened on social media. Since then, she’s been overwhelmed by community support. Someone donated four small fridges and people are donating food. The new fridges will be placed throughout Charlotte and locked overnight.

“It’ll just be something that people can do together. So it’s also like some way to unite people too.”

If you want to help or get involved, reach out to Jackson on social media.