Some Teachers In Union County Public Schools Have Concerns About The Cleaner The District Provided

UNION COUNTY, NC. — “QT Plus” and a rag are given to all Union County Public School teachers as they head back to the classroom, says math teacher Sophia Stephenson. The founder of EduAdvocates tells WCCB teachers are supposed to use the cleaner to disinfect classrooms between class periods. Stephenson says it’s not safe.

“We have already heard of teachers getting dizzy, getting headaches. I am currently in contact with a custodian who has been undergoing issues of vertigo,” says Stephenson.

On the “QT Plus”  label it says it’s unsafe for skin contact, if it touches clothing, it says to remove and wash contaminated clothing before reuse. It also says it’s unsafe for pregnant women. Stephenson says the 3 minutes between classes wouldn’t be long enough for it to be active, because the cleaner takes 10 minutes to be effective in killing viruses.

“We took this information that one of the chemistry teachers gave us and I had a meeting with the superintendent, the assistant superintendent earlier this week. We told him that not only is it a hazardous material, it states on the bottle that you should wear gloves with it.”

A district spokesperson sent WCCB this statement:
In Union County Public Schools, health and safety is paramount. UCPS is following all state guidelines related to safety, cleaning and sanitation. Throughout each day, UCPS will provide continuous cleaning of all areas in school buildings, including classrooms and high-touch surfaces, such as doorknobs, handles and railings. As an added layer of cleaning and sanitation in classrooms, teachers were provided an approved, ready to use product to disinfect surfaces. Teachers are not required to use the product, as school custodians will follow continuous disinfecting protocols during the school day. If teachers have concerns about using the product, they should speak to their supervisor.