Scaled-Down Republican National Convention Less Than One Week Away

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – We’re less than one week away from the scaled-down Republican National Convention in Charlotte.

Expect road closures and traffic delays, even though the event will be much smaller than originally planned.

“We were supposed to be catering to VIPs, you know, whoever wanted to come in there,” says Julius Ulanday, with Security Consult Inc.

After two years of training and preparation, Ulanday’s private security company won’t be working the scaled-down event.

“There’s not really any contracts. CMPD and the Secret Service are the only ones that are gonna be needed, there’s not really many people coming,” Ulanday says.

A plan for 50,000 visitors is down to 336 delegates, with 75 to 100 support staff.

Spectrum Center is out.

Delegates will stay at the Westin Hotel, where RNC officials will meet over the weekend, before holding the formal nomination at the Convention Center on Monday.

A 30-mile drone restriction will be in place from 6:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

And roads will start closing Sunday night, before re-opening on Tuesday morning.

You won’t be able to access parts of College, Stonewall, and Brevard Streets, as well as part of M.L.K Boulevard.

And we learned on Monday, a helicopter with the U.S. Department of Energy will fly over Uptown to measure background radiation levels.

The changes will hurt economically.

Charlotte saw nearly $164 million from hosting the Democrats in 2012.

It’s a big blow to those like Ulanday.

“All that work that we did, basically out of here. I mean I know companies that lost two to five hundred grand worth of contracts specifically for the RNC,” Ulanday says.