Some UNC Charlotte Students Calling For Remote Learning

CHARLOTTE, NC. — Video from a UNC-Chapel Hill student shows parties and massive gatherings since the school welcomed back students two weeks ago. No physical distancing or masks in sight. COVID-19 positivity rate rising from 2.8% to 13.6% on the Chapel-Hill campus in the past week. 177 students are in isolation and 349 in quarantine. Now all undergraduate in-person instruction is shifting to remote learning.

UNC Charlotte junior Dick Beekman believes Charlotte should also move to all remote learning.

“Based off of everything I’ve seen I don’t see how this is the right decision at the time. I believe that it’s only exposing students, faculty, staff members unnecessarily towards the risks of COVID,” says Beekman.

UNC Charlotte says it has taken extraordinary steps to provide robust health and safety protocols in our classrooms, in campus buildings and in residence halls. Students can cancel on-campus housing contract for the upcoming semester without penalty until Friday, Aug. 21.

Senior Gabe Cartagena is also concerned about what could happen in Charlotte.

“It’s about inviting back 20-30,000 individuals. Who are otherwise not here. To come and gather together from all across the globe where they could’ve picked up this virus,” says Cartagena.

Classes start September 7th. 50% of the classes are all online. The other 50% are either virtual or a hybrid. Every student returning to campus will get a bag that includes masks, hand sanitizer, and information about campus safety measures.