“Van Life” Booming Across The Country Amid The Pandemic

CHARLOTTE, NC. — #VanLife has 7.9 million posts on Instagram.

The new trend: converting vans and even RV’s into small homes.

Growing in popularity during the pandemic because van life gives the ability to travel while staying safe.

“I think a lot of people are just attracted to the idea of being wherever you want, and the comfort of your own home. A lot of states have been more open to van lifers and there’s a lot more accommodations since it’s growing so much,” says Lexie Keen.

Charlotte couple Keen and Mark Jenkins decided this is the perfect time to become van lifers.

“When I got let go from school, and I guess Lexie did too to go home, we just thought this was a perfect opportunity. We might as well take vantage of having nothing to do and nowhere to go and just finish this thing up,” says Jenkins.

Keen and Jenkins are Vlogging their van life experience on their YouTube channel, “Change of Pace”. Showing the process of converting the van they bought on Craigslist into their new home. People across the country are doing something similar.

Air travel is down 75% from this time last year. According to RV Industry Association, RV sales have increased as much as 170% compared to last year. Mainly from first time buyers.

The couple plans to start their travels in December. They never thought they would do something like this, but say it’s a silver lining of the pandemic.

“This is definitely something that’s uncomfortable for me, but I think that’s an important part of having experiences. Doing things that are uncomfortable, brings out a new piece of you that you never even thought you had.”