Humane Society of Charlotte To Participate In First-Ever, Large Scale “Shelter Swap”

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (News Release) – The Humane Society of Charlotte (HSC) will welcome at least nine municipal partner shelters at the Toomey Avenue facility this Friday and Saturday to participate in a first-ever, large-scale “Shelter Swap”. The “swap” will consist of HSC distributing 10,000 lbs. of donated food and approximately $20k worth of donated topical heartworm medication to North Carolina shelter partners, who will, in turn, be transporting 65-75 animals to Charlotte.

HSC received several large and generous donations of food and medication in recent weeks which has led to a surplus beyond our current storage capacity. The organization pulled product for their own shelter animals and their community Pet Food Bank, and have determined that several neighboring shelter partners could greatly benefit from the supplies during these challenging times. En route to pick up supplies, HSC shelter partners agreed to transport several animals from each location to the Toomey Avenue facility in order to help alleviate the overcrowding that often plagues county shelters during summer months.

Representatives from Anson, Cleveland, Lincoln, Scotland, Rockingham, and Gaston counties as well as the Cashiers/Highlands Humane Society will arrive in shifts on Friday, August 21. Marlboro, Rutherford, and potentially three additional counties will arrive on Saturday, August 22, all to take part in the “Shelter Swap” effort.

“There will be a lot of activity this weekend,” said HSC Intake and Behavior Program Manager, Zach Boerboom. “We’re glad to be able to help our partner shelters and intake so many animals to make room at the local municipal shelters while providing supplies they need.”

In addition to food, HSC will be offering topical heartworm medication that was recently donated by Bayer, extra harnesses, feeders, and more. All animals that arrive at the Humane Society of Charlotte will be available for adoption pending thorough medical examinations and behavior assessments.

The Humane Society of Charlotte has demonstrated a commitment to “shelters helping shelters” in the last two weeks by receiving 30 small dogs from a hoarding case in Alexander County, 15 hounds from a neglect case in Pender County, and by making a large donation of clothing left over from the February Panther’s Yard Sale to Crisis Assistance Ministry of Charlotte. To help HSC continue their lifesaving and charitable work, please consider making a donation by clicking here.