CMPD Releases Body Cam Footage Associated With June 2nd Incident Where Protesters Say They Were ‘Trapped And Gassed’

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The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department has released more than 50 videos associated with the June 2nd incident where protesters say they were ‘trapped and gassed’ on 4th Street in Uptown Charlotte.

More than a hundred people were marching through the streets of Charlotte on June 2nd to protest the death of George Floyd.

Around 9:30 p.m, protesters were making their way down 4th street when video shows they were boxed in by officers.  The protesters were hit with tear gas, flash bangs and pepper bullets.  CMPD says there was violence that triggered the response.

A spokesperson with CMPD says, “after hours of reviewing the circumstances, interviewing officers, watching videos and listening to the audio of the incident, we have concluded that the actions that were taken by the Civil Emergency Unity on June 2 did not violate any department policies.”

CMPD also says, “Although the actions taken by CEU were within policy at the time, it is important to acknowledge that we engaged with our citizens and recognized the need to visit the department’s policies to ensure they aligned with community expectations. The CMPD has since made several updates to our CEU, De-escalation, and Body-Worn Camera policies. We, as a department, will continue to identify opportunities to meet the expectations of our community while making the organization better.”

In one of the videos, you can hear a CMPD officer say, “Wave goodbye. They’re all about to get gassed.” And, “We’re gonna push their (expletive) straight up, straight up Fourth. Soon as they get up on Fourth, we got a bottleneck now. Rory’s squad is going to step out and hammer their (expletive).”

CMPD Chief Johnny Jennings says a sergeant has been suspended for two weeks for inappropriate and insensitive comments made in the body camera video. Jennings says the sergeant will also not be eligible for promotions for the next two years.

You can watch the full video here:

Original Story (Posted August 5, 2020 by Marvin Beach):

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – We’re learning more about a wide range of policy changes at CMPD.

It comes amid calls for police reform and protests in Charlotte and across the country.

Some of the most significant changes come in response to an incident on June 2nd when protesters say they were “trapped and gassed” on 4th Street.

Chief Johnny Jennings says exit routes will now be communicated repeatedly, loudly, and clearly.

And exits will not be intentionally blocked.

“We cannot base a dispersal order based on something that happened 20 or 30 minutes ago after that crowd has stopped doing what they were doing and then reassembled at another location,” Jennings said during a virtual news conference on Wednesday.

Riot control supervisors will now wear body cameras.

The department is also now using holster monitors, which activate an officer’s body camera when their gun is drawn.

“If that weapon was pointed at an individual, the officer will be required to report that, at this point,” Jennings said.

The department has also strengthened its “duty to intervene” policy.

“We expect them to be able to intervene and step in and stop whatever action that is and to assist in that,” Jennings said.

CMPD is also expanding its ban on chokeholds.

“Our policy has always been that we will not restrict airflow, but even to enhance that we’ve included will not restrict airflow or blood flow to the brain,” Jennings said.

Community activists like Robert Dawkins say the moves are a good start, though he says some policies could go further.

“It’s just bad that the change has always seemed to have to come up either a loss of life or after there’s been a big CMPD galvanizing event,” Dawkins says.