CMS Metrics Advisory Committee Discussing What Needs To Be Done To Return To In-Person Learning

CHARLOTTE, NC. —  It’s clear: returning to in-person learning will be complicated. The CMS Metrics Advisory Committee discussed what needs to be done Thursday. County Health Director Gibbie Harris says moving forward, the county has to keep in close contact with the district about any cases in schools.

“And any potential clusters you have and that could definitely impact what happens at an individual school level as well as for the whole system,” says Harris.

CMS says since August 8th, there have been 28 recorded COVID-19 cases. 9 of them are teachers. 641 teachers have been approved to work from home because they are at high risk for the virus. The district expects that number to grow when they move to in-person learning.

“What are we doing to increase airflow? Because I think that’s going to be the biggest problem,” says CMS teacher Steve Oreskovic.

The district plans to upgrade filters in HVAC systems. The CMS maintenance director says 39 schools can’t pull in outside air, so they will be a top priority for upgraded filters.

Amanda Thompson is a CMS math teacher and a CMS parent. She wants to see mutual collaboration between teachers and the Metrics Advisory Committee.

“No one wants to get an email that says hey, in two weeks we’re getting started. We want to see it kind of unfold and be proactive and what we do,” says Thompson.