Brewmaster’s Internship: An Effort To Diversify The Local Craft Beer Industry

CHARLOTTE, NC. — The “Black is Beautiful” label has been popping up at breweries across our area. More than a dozen in Charlotte are joining the initiative. The proceeds of this beer are being donated to local organizations supporting inclusion, justice, police reform and equality. Sugar Creek Brewing is creating its own.

“I was pumped that all of our friends in this community we’re just really, really quick to be a part of something so important,” says Marques Nash.

Nash is the general manager of Sugar Creek Brewing. He’s happy to be part of the “Black is Beautiful” initiative, but isn’t completely satisfied.

“I wanted to impact the city and hopefully the state in a way that would last for the person’s entire life span and not just for a quick moment. As important as that quick moment is, I wanted something that would change someone’s life forever.”

Nash came up with the idea of a brewermaster’s apprenticeship. It’s a paid internship for a Black person who is interested in the craft brewery industry. The owners of Sugar Creek Brewing were on board immediately.

“We’re going to select our first candidate to either join our team either as a brewer, a potential business owner or any level of upper management. We’re trying to get somebody up there to the top of this chain. We want to train them in house to be able to change our community.”

According to the North Carolina Craft Brewers Guild, less than 2% of breweries in North Carolina are minority owned.

“People underestimate how powerful a colorful palette is. Black people, brown people we bring taste and flavor to every walk of life. I kind of think it’s time that we are able to do the same thing with beer.”

The paid internship will go for 8-12 weeks for 40 hours a week. The goal is to start in the middle of October.

If you want to apply, send a 200-400 word essay on why you are interested in the internship to Nash.

Email him at: