Are You Making These Common DIY Car Care Mistakes?

6 common DIY car care mistakes to watch out for

When it comes to your DIY car care, are you making mistakes that could be costing you both time and money? Even if you have the best intentions of both saving money and taking responsibility for your vehicle’s well-being, you could still be making small errors and actually doing more harm than good. To help you ensure you’re on the right track, we asked our Charlotte Toyota service techs which common DIY car care mistakes they see most often (so you can make sure you’re not making them). Check it out!

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6 car care mistakes to avoid

1) Not having the right tools and equipment.

Certain DIY car care tasks require certain tools and equipment to complete them. And if you don’t have the right tools or equipment, you have to decide if it’s financially wise for you to invest in them or if you should just visit Toyota of N Charlotte for your car maintenance and repairs. You should never try to wing it with the wrong tools – it can do damage and end up costing you a lot more money in the long run!

2) Not jacking the car up correctly.

When you jack your car up to work under it or perform tire care, you need to ensure the jack is placed in the right spot (which you can find in your owner’s manual or buy asking one of our Charlotte auto service techs). If you put the jack in the wrong spot and lift your car, you can do structural damage to the frame (which means super costly repairs).

3) Using the wrong fluids in your car.

Your car requires certain types of fluids (like oil, transmission fluid, coolant, etc.) and it’s wise to check your owner’s manual before you fill them to ensure you have the right kind on hand. Using the wrong fluid during your DIY car care can do costly and even irreparable damage to your vehicle. 

4) Not labeling car parts when you remove them.

When you’re a beginner at DIY car care it’s smart to label your parts with a sticky note after you remove them from a car. They may make sense to you under the hood, but when they’re laying on the garage floor, it might not be as easy to identify them. Label them to keep the process stress-free!

5) Putting off routine car care.

You should never postpone routine car care like brake service, oil changes, tire rotations, and battery maintenance. The whole point of keeping your car on a car care schedule is to ensure it has what it needs to give you exceptional performance. Stick to your schedule and don’t put things off.

6) Being too confident… or not confident enough.

Don’t get too confident when it comes to DIY car care, either. Just because YouTube exists doesn’t mean you can swap out a transmission. You have to walk before you can run, so if you don’t have prior auto service experience you should start small with car care tasks like oil changes and tire care. As you build skill and confidence, you can move to more complex tasks. And don’t underestimate yourself, either! Our Charlotte Toyota service team is always here to help you with any and all of your car maintenance needs.

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