Which tools should you have for DIY car care?

car maintenanceTired of having to schedule car maintenance every time your ride needs a little TLC? We get it. However, before you move into the world of DIY car care, you need to prepare yourself and your garage. Not only should you be confident and comfortable with the parts of your car and how they work, you should also be well equipped to maintain them – and that means having the right tools. What’s in your garage?

What tools do you actually need for DIY car maintenance?

If you’re not really sure what the essential tools are when it comes to DIY car maintenance, you’re in luck. Toyota of N Charlotte is here to advise you! Not only can we help you shop for tools in our parts department, we also asked our team of skilled Charlotte auto service techs what they recommended you purchase. Check it out.

1. Stubby screwdrivers

A few stubby screwdrivers are must-haves for at-home car maintenance. Space can be tight inside your car’s engine bay and it can be difficult to get normal-sized tools to fit down there. A stubby screwdriver is shorter than a normal screwdriver, but offers the same control to get the job done and will fit into those tight spots.

2. Socket wrench extensions

Just like some tools are too big to fit into tight spots in the engine bay, some tools aren’t quite long enough to reach those spots way down there. For hard-to-reach spots, our Charlotte auto service techs recommend that you invest in socket wrench extensions. They’ll give you some extra reach for your car maintenance undertakings.

3. A headlamp and a good work light

Here at Toyota of N Charlotte, our garages are professionally lit. But at home, you may not have the same amenities. Invest in a good work lamp so you can see what’s going on under the hood without too much trouble. You should also invest in a headlamp – holding a flashlight means one of your hands is tied up when you need it. A headlamp allows you to work on your car with both hands but still cast light into those hard-to-see spots.

4. A high-quality jack stand

When you need to get under your car to work – for example, if you need to perform an oil change – you’ll need to jack your car up. However, buying a cheap jack is dangerous so spend the money to get a high-quality one. Our Charlotte car maintenance techs also recommend avoiding hydraulic jacks, as they have higher failure rates and are also dangerous. And make sure you know how to operate the jack before you put it to work!

5. An air compressor

An air compressor can make your life a whole lot easier. You can use it to inflate your tires, to detail your car (it’s great for dusting hard-to-reach spots like in between seats or inside air-conditioning vents). You can also use it for power tools, which make car maintenance a lot faster and more efficient than traditional hand-held tools. Think about investing one to speed up your car care.

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