Edge On The Clock: Arby’s Selling Meat By The Pound

Arby's is selling meat by the pound, John Oliver will have a sewage plant named after him, T-Mobile is giving free internet access

Arby’s is selling three of its meats by the pound, or half pound. Arby’s says Covid-19 sparked the idea since people can’t get items right at the drive through.

After a virtual war of words, the city of Danbury, Connecticut says it will accept John Oliver’s $55,000 donation to local charities and name the city’s sewage plant after him. But on one condition, Mayor Mark Boughton says Oliver must be physically present at the ribbon cutting.

T-Mobile is offering free internet to students who might not otherwise be connected. The initiative includes free wireless hotspots and high speed data as well as laptop tablets at cost. T-Mobile notes that 50-million students are learning from home and don’t want technology gaps to cause educational gaps.